Hi, I'm Norm, aka Sagely Fox, aka Aegiswiz.

I'm a retired polymath with wide eclectic interests and too many skill sets to politely list. If you landed here you likely ran across the side effect of one of my avocations: reading, politics, archaeology, astrophysics, all things unusual, strange, or considered trash or "garbage info" by normal people. My interests are like my skill sets. Few things don't interest me.

Politics is another pass time that would best be left ignored, but I tend to write about it. I strongly advocate thinking.

The Sagely Fox blogs are all subtitled, *Watching, Thinking, Learning*. By doing this I've discovered that nearly every belief I've ever believed was, at least, for some time, based on smoke and mirrors. What I learned growing up, in schools, colleges, universities, jobs, ad infinitum, is that it is a bad idea to believe anything you haven't researched yourself at great length, then suspected all your sources were in error.

The rest of the about page is under construction.