My Opinions About Spoilers in Reviews

What are Spoilers?

Spoilers mean different things to different people. So lets say a spoiler is information pertaining to a book which will supply a potential reader enough insight to dull their curiosity about the book, its plot, or characters?

We're looking for something to read already, so what is enough, and what is too much information? That's why we're looking at sales blurbs and reviews. No?

My opinion is almost every sales blurb contains way too many spoilers. Toss in one good and one bad review and I likely know more than a human should about the book, the author, and two reviewers.

I've always struggled to write reviews as I never want to spoil a read. I'm usually stuck at, "Should I mention the title and author?".

Frustrated, and too old to care anymore, I decided I'm going to write whatever I fancy about a book, period. I already believe the publisher spoiled the book in the sales blurb.

What do I want in order to decide to read a book?

I want a recommendation, enough genre information that I'll know if it is the kind of book I want to read, and finally a rating, which I rarely take seriously...

Depending on reviewer ratings can influence my decision. I recommendation folks find people they trust, get their recommendation, then read those books.

In my reviews you will get...

Fundamental book info up front, like title, quotes (to spark interest), book overs, author & narrator images. A minimized blurb about ratings and spoilers, then my rating, and recommendation. This is followed by enough genre info that you'll know if it is in your interest ballpark.

That is where you should stop if you want to avoid spoilers.

I may or may not even talk about the book. That's just my brand of crazy. But I did deliver the info I would have wanted to help me decide about the book.